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Television programming is distributed via a Satellite that is 22,300 miles in space. A satellite dish receives signals along with a settop box (satellite receiver). In the US, DishNet and DirecTV are the two major companies offering a subscription service. Both offer an extensive selection of channels and services to view high definition television. (HDTV)
  • Amplifiers

    A Satellite Amplifier improves performance from your satellite by boosting the satellite signal when coaxial cable in between the dish and settop box is greater than 150 feet or when connecting multiple settop boxes.
  • Remote Controls

    A Satellite Remote Control is a hand held device that controls the satellite receiver as well as volume and channel functions and power on a HDTV.
  • Multiswitches

    A Multiswitch Connector connects to the satellite dish antenna to distribute satellite TV signals to multiple receivers.
  • Satellite Accessories

    Complete your satellite solution with assorted power dividers, cable stackers, filters and racks.
  • Satellite Antennas

    A Satellite Antenna is a parabolic shaped dish with a feed horn and Low-Noise Block (LNB) attached to it that collects the TV broadcasts from the satellite.
  • Satellite Splitters

    A Splitter Connector splits the satellite signal before connecting to one or more multiswitches to send the satellite signal to multiple satellite receivers
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