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Racks, Mounts and Hardware are items used to securely mount electronic devices such as television signal processing equipment and flat panel TV’s. When racks are configured with television signal processing equipment mounted in them such as; Satellite Receivers, Modulators, Processors, Encoders, EdgeQAM Modulators, Digital Processors and so on, they collectively are called a Head End.
  • 19" Relay Racks

    19” relay racks are the most basic type of rack available. They are called relay racks because they were predominately used in telephone company offices where thousands of switching relays were mounted.

    There are two standard size racks available, 19” and 23”. The 19” is the most common size. Almost all telecommunications equipment mounts into a 19” rack. The 23” rack is mostly used in the computer industry.

    The 19” relay rack is available in many different sizes for holding different amounts of equipment. Rack mount equipment is fastened to vertical rails spaced 19” apart. The open frame design allows easy access to all sides of the equipment.
  • 19" Cabinet Racks

    The 19” cabinet type rack is larger than a relay rack. The equipment is totally enclosed and allows for securing it with locking doors. They also provide better managed ventilation for equipment cooling. The cabinet type rack is typically sturdier than the relay rack, especially when loaded with heavy equipment at the top. The cabinet rack also offers space for wiring, cable management and rack powering.
  • Rack Shelves & Accessories

    Rack shelves and accessories are equipment used to mount equipment in racks. All the equipment is based on the TIA standard 19” rack mount specification. Most rack mount equipment is based on 1-3/4” height increments. 1-3/4” is considered 1 RU or a Rack Unit.

    Rack shelves are for mounting “non-rack mount” equipment, blank panels are for spacing between equipment, rack screws are for mounting equipment and fans are for thermal control. There are literally hundreds of accessories available for racks.
  • Cable Management

    The purpose of cable management is to organize, streamline and secure the route of voice, data, video, audio, security and control wires entering the enclosure system and the connection to the final destination.
  • Rack Power

    Rack Power products distribute power in a rack. Vertical and horizontal power strips provide from 6 to 20 electric outlets. UPS’s or Uninterruptable Power Supplies maintain electric power to the rack in case of power failure and also prevent surges and brownouts.
  • Flat Panel (TV) Mounts

    A flat-panel TV wall mount saves space and allows positioning for an optimal viewing experience. A TV Mount also offers a solution for hiding cords and wires.
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1 RU Blank Rack Panel

Model #: ARP-119-571
Toner Cable

Your Price: $7.60
20 Outlet Rack Mount Power Strip

Model #:OB-160-20
Toner Cable

Your Price: $71.52
6 Outlet Rack Mount Power Strip

Model #:OB-112
Toner Cable

Your Price: $69.81
72" Relay Rack TRR-72 72" Heavy Duty Relay Rack

Model #:TRR-72
Toner Cable

Your Price: $76.00
2 RU Blank Rack Panel

Model #: ARP-319-571
Toner Cable

Your Price: $9.85
3 RU Blank Rack Panel

Model #: ARP-519-571
Toner Cable

Your Price: $18.45
4 RU Blank Rack Panel

Model #: ARP-719-571
Toner Cable

Your Price: $23.96
72" Relay Rack 4 Post Kit

Model #:TRR-72-4PK
Toner Cable

Your Price: $44.00
84" Relay Rack 4 Post Kit

Model #:TRR-84-4PK
Toner Cable

Your Price: $46.00
84" Heavy Duty Relay Rack

Model #:TRR-84
Toner Cable

Your Price: $93.00