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Whether you have Cable TV or Satellite TV installed in your home, we have a large selection of top-of-the-line cables and connectors for both. Cable Satellite Supply is proud to offer our customers quality components to use with their home television connections, including coax cable, F connectors, adapters, and surge protectors. To help complete your next installation or repair project, we also offer cable tools such as Compression tools, Cable strip tools and Hex Crimp tools

Search our selection of cables and connectors through the categories below. Once you’ve found the product you’re looking for, click on it for more information. We provide a comprehensive list of product features and specifications so you can make sure you’re getting the exact supplies and tools you will need.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions about our cables and connectors, contact Cable Satellite Supply today!
  • Connectors

    The Hex Crimp F connector is an inexpensive and easy to install connection for RG-6 and RG-11 cables.

    However a Compression F connector has much higher performance which is important for Digital TV and HDTV systems. Compression F connectors are also easy to install and only cost a little more than Hex Crimp connectors.

  • Cable Tools

    Cable & Satellite Supply carries Tools for Telecom, Fiber Optics, Cable TV, Satellite and Electronic repair and installation.
  • Audio/Video

    Audio / Video Connectivity
  • Coax Cable

    RG-6 Cable is the most common cable used for TV signal distribution to or in the home.

    The RG-6 cable is available with different shielding (protection from interference) percentages. The most common is 60% and Quadshield. When the cable distance is long (>300 feet) RG-11 cable is normally used since it has less signal loss than RG-6. However, RG-6 is less expensive, smaller and easier to handle, which is why it is used most often.
  • HDMI Cable

    HDMI cable is an audio and digital interfce that transfers a high quality image to your TV or computer monitor. Use HDMI cables to connect high definition devices to your HDTV.
  • Surge Protection

    A surge protector protects computers, network equipment, audio/video equipment, computer peripherals and other electronic devices from power surges and line noise interference.

    If the voltage from an outlet surges, the surge protector redirects voltage spikes to the ground rather than travelling through the circuits of electronic equipment.
  • Jumper Cables

    Coaxial Cable requires the use of connectors to interface with equipment. The F connector is used for F type terminations.
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Bright Yellow Shore Line Cable, 50'

Model #: J600-6B
Toner Cable

Your Price: $9.60
Bright Yellow Shore Line Cable, 25'

Model #: J300-6B
Toner Cable

Your Price: $7.68
RG-6 60% Riser Rated, Black 1000' Reel, Coax Cable

Model # RG6-60RBR-M
Thor Digital

Your Price: $56.60
RG6 Flooded Coaxial Cable, 60% braid. 3 GHz

Model RG6-60FBR-M
Thor Digital

Your Price: $77.00
RG6, Quadshield, Plenum Cable, White, 1000' reel

RG6-QSPWR-M RG6 Quadshield Plenum Cable

Your Price: $305.00
GAF-UR-11-MH RG11 Connector RG11 Ultrarange Compression Connector

Model #:GAF-UR-11-MH
Corning Gilbert

Your Price: $3.29
F Connector installation kit

Model #: EZ-FTK6
Toner Cable

Your Price: $118.00
GP-90-T, 90 degree adapter 90 degree adapter

Model #: GP-90-T
Corning Gilbert

Your Price: $11.12
CFTV Heat Shrinkable Tubing for .500 Cable

Model #: CFTV-1300

Your Price: $8.25
RG6 Plenum Coax Cable RG6, 60%, Plenum, Cable White, 1000' Reel

Model #:RG6-60PWR-M
Thor Digital

Your Price: $285.00
RG-6 Quadshield Cable, Black, 1000 ft

Model #:RG6-QSRBR-M
Thor Digital

Your Price: $102.00