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When you need TV antennas and supplies, you can trust Cable Satellite Supply to provide high quality television signal parts and products. Rather than receiving TV through a cable company or satellite service, antennas work by receiving broadcast signals over the air direct from the TV stations.

We offer a variety of products to ensure uninterrupted television viewing through receiving reliable broadcast signals. We carry antennas, amplifiers, and mounting hardware, in addition to other parts. For more information about specific products, click on the pictures below to read a detailed list of features and specifications.

If you have any questions about our TV antennas and supplies, contact the team at Cable Satellite Supply today.

  • Amplifiers / Pre-Amplifiers

    An antenna mounted amplifier strengthens the signal at the antenna which is weakened if the cable runs longer than 50 feet from the TV Antenna to a TV.

    A Low Noise Block converter (LNB) is an active device (amplifier) mounted at the focal point of a satellite antenna. The LNB is normally mounted on a Feed horn that gathers the signal reflected off the dish.

    The Low Noise Amplifier receives and amplifies the very weak signals from the satellite, 22,300 miles in space. They are called low noise because they introduce very little unwanted noise into the signal (all amplifiers introduce noise). The block down converter converts the high frequency signals (4 GHz to 12 GHz) down to 950 – 2150 MHz so it can easily be transported on coax cable to the satellite receivers.
  • Coax Jumper Cables

    Coax Jumper Cable is a convenient way to connect Cable TV, Satellite, Antenna and other TV reception devices for a clear quality picture.
  • TV Antennas

    TV Antennas provide optimum reception for digital HDTV.  Several options are available depending on space and frequency.   Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antennas transmit and pick up different ranges of frequencies (Channels)
  • Mounting Hardware

    Antenna mounts such as tripods and wall mounts attach the mast to secure the antenna.
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DDA-804 Digital Drop Amplifier, 8 dB

Model #: DDA-804
Toner Cable

Your Price: $22.00
DDA-1501 Digital Drop Amp, 15 dB

Model #: DDA-1501
Toner Cable

Your Price: $19.10
HD8200U High Definition VHF/UHF Antenna High Definition VHF/UHF Antenna

Model #:HD8200U

Your Price: $175.00
Bright Yellow Shore Line Cable, 50'

Model #: J600-6B
Toner Cable

Your Price: $9.60
Bright Yellow Shore Line Cable, 25'

Model #: J300-6B
Toner Cable

Your Price: $7.68
8 Way Splitter 5-1000 MHz

Model #: DGS-8
Blonder Tongue

Your Price: $8.12
4 Way Splitter 5-1000 MHz

Model #: DGS-4
Blonder Tongue

Your Price: $3.79
3 Way Balanced Splitter 5-1000 MHz

Model #: DGS-3B
Blonder Tongue

Your Price: $3.45
3 Way Splitter 5-1000 MHz

Model #: DGS-3
Blonder Tongue

Your Price: $3.45