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FAM-Kit Attenuator Pad Kit 1 GHz FAM Series Attenuator Pads
List Price: $115.00
Your Price: $96.00
Encoder Chassis 4 QAM Output Encoder Chassis 4 QAM Output
List Price: $2,625.00
Your Price: $2,361.00
Signal Level Meter Signal Level Meter
List Price: $339.00
Your Price: $298.00
High Definition MPEG2 Encoder High Definition MPEG2 Encoder
List Price: $3,265.00
Your Price: $2,449.00
6 Channel SD Encoder / QAM Modulator 6 Channel SD Encoder / QAM Modulator
List Price: $2,360.00
Your Price: $1,665.00

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Zycast HDME-4Q HD Encoder / QAM Modulator

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List Price: $3,200.00
Your Price: $2,395.00
Savings: $805.00
HDME4Q, 4 Program Digital Modulator
Model #: HDME-4Q

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8VSB Broadcast TV System
8VSB is the modulation method used for broadcast in the ATSC digital television standard

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