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Cable Television or CATV is defined as a system of distributing Television signals to a subscriber’s home by way of RF (Radio Frequencies) transmitted through Fiber Cable and or Coaxial cable to your home. The traditional Broadcast TV or (Terrestrial Television) is transmitted over the air and received with a TV Antenna.

The first CATV (Community Antenna Television) started in 1948 in Mahoney City, PA. In early days a cable TV system offered approximately 12 channels to customers where TV signal reception with an antenna was not possible.

Cable TV, as we know it today has so much to offer the consumer. A paid subscription offers upward of 350 channels, HDTV, Video on Demand, Pay per View, high speed internet, telephone service, as well as over the top services such as TV on your tablet, cell phone and computer.

Cable & Satellite Supply has all the materials you need to distribute the TV signal through your home or your business, whether it is a bar, restaurant, sports club, hotel, motel, office building, fitness facility, hospital or apartment complex.
  • Amplifiers

    An amplifier is an electronic device that increases the level of a signal. In Television, an amplifier is a broadband device that increases the amplitude or strength of a TV signal for distributing the signal to multiple TV's.

    An amplifier is rated in 3 ways:

    Bandwidth: What frequency range the amplifier will amplify
    Gain: How much the amplifier adds to the input signal level, expressed in dB
    Output Level: How strong a signal the amplifier can output while maintaining performance

    Amplifiers fall into 2 major categories: one way or two way
  • Coax Jumper Cables

    Coax Jumper Cable is used to distribute TV signals from the Cable Company to your TV set. Jumper Cables with F male Compression Connectors are perfect to use for Baseband RF and video connections including digital cable TV and cable modems
  • Connectors

    Connectors must be installed on the ends of coaxial cable in order to connect to your TV or another device. The F connector is the only connector used in the USA.

    The F male connector is put on the end of a cable. The center conductor is the male part that connects to the
    female connector on a TV, settop box or splitter.

  • Cable Splitters

    A Splitter is a passive device that divides the signal from an input cable equally between two or more output cables.
  • Taps

    Taps AKA Directional Couplers or Multi Taps is a passive electronic device used to distribute television signals. A tap is used to "tap off" a part of the available signal and send it to a TV or multiple TV's. Taps are directional (Directional Coupler) to prevent unwanted signals from being fed backwards in a system.

    Taps are available in one, two, four eight and twelve port models. Most common tap values are 4,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29 and 32 dB. Some manufacturers call a 4 dB tap a 3 dB tap or an 11 dB tap a 12 dB tap. These taps are actually the same with specifications being practically identical.

    Taps have an input port, an output port (or ports). Depending on tap value the tap port will tap from 3 dB to 32 dB off from the input level while only reducing the output level from 3 dB to 0.7 dB. This is what makes taps very efficient in distributing TV signals.
  • Cable Test Equipment

    Cable Test Analysis Meters are used to measure, test, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data in a wide range of cable testing situations.
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RG6 Cable Repair/Installation Kit RG6 Cable Repair/Installation Kit

Model #: RG6-RIK
Toner Cable

List Price: $175.00
Your Price: $159.00
RDG-15 15' Glow Rod Kit 3/16" Diameter 15' Glow Rod Kit 3/16" Diameter

Model #: RDG-15
Jonard Industries

List Price: $55.00
Your Price: $46.50
MDC-64 Micro Duct Tube Cutter Micro Duct Cutter

Model #: MDC-64
Jonard Industries

List Price: $49.60
Your Price: $44.95
Micro Duct Tube Cutter Micro Duct Tube Cutter

Model #: MDC-14
Jonard Industries

List Price: $12.90
Your Price: $12.64
FTK-23 Fiber Installers Tool Kit Fiber Installers Tool Kit

Model #: FTK-23
Toner Cable

List Price: $529.00
Your Price: $462.96
OMC-750E Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope

Model #: OMC-750E
Toner Cable

List Price: $1,200.00
Your Price: $1,066.67
CLE-22 Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

Model #: CLE-22
Toner Cable

List Price: $47.00
Your Price: $33.33
OTD-1315 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

Model #: OTD-1315
Toner Cable

List Price: $1,654.00
Your Price: $1,408.33
OLS1315A Optical Light Source Optical Light Source

Model #: OLS1315A
Toner Cable

List Price: $288.54
Your Price: $183.33
OPM1315A Optical Power Meter Optical Power Meter

Model #: OPM1315A
Toner Cable

List Price: $168.00
Your Price: $125.00
SMFTK Fiber Test Kit Fiber Test Kit

Model #: SMFTK
Toner Cable

List Price: $474.00
Your Price: $395.00
RG-6 60% Riser Rated, Black 1000' Reel, Coax Cable RG-6 60% Riser Rated, Black 1000' Reel, Coax Cable

Model # RG6-60RBR-M
Thor Digital

List Price: $88.55
Your Price: $56.60